Deploy projects developed in Python, to Kubernetes


Serve Models, Execute Batch Jobs and Run Complex Pipelines

Automate repetitive DevOps tasks and free your team to focus on solving machine learning tasks

One-Click Deployment

Schedule batch jobs, model-scoring service deployments or complex
ML pipelines, with just one command from your terminal.

Easy To Configure

Avoid countless hours writing and debugging Kubernetes manifests.

Deploy Direct From Git

Avoid needing to build and manage your own Docker images.

Scalable and Resilient

Automatic retires and roll-backs by default. Services can be backed by multiple container replicas to handle high request volumes.

Open Source

Built and maintained by machine learning engineers, for machine learning engineers, and committed to remaining 100% open-source.


Bodywork is distributed as a Python package exposing a CLI for configuring Kubernetes to run Bodywork deployments - get it here:

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